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Roberts Park: Educational Signage for Rain Garden

Rain Garden with educational signage
The Township is in the process of adding educational signage to the rain garden located in the parking lot at Roberts Park.

What is the project timeline?
This project was completed in September 2021.

Where exactly will this project take place?
In the center of the new parking lot of Roberts Park (south west corner off of Butler Warren Road).

What is the benefit of this project to the community?
  • Increase awareness, knowledge, and understanding of rain gardens and their impact on water quality.
  • Directly supports the core value of environmental stewardship - fostering the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through education, conservation, and sustainable practices.
  • Directly supports the vision of connecting our growing community with safe places to reflect, gather, and play while promoting healthy active lifestyles, community wellness, and environmental sustainability.

How was this project funded?
This project was funded in part through generous donations from the Warren County Soil and Water District, Deerfield Storm Water District, Ms. Gale Roberts, and Duke Energy.